Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the little things that count

There are plenty of small changes people can make. Habits thrown out the window by just thinking how something can be done better. Take eating for example. What do you do?

Do you need a second plate for second course, or can you wipe the crumbs from the first?
do you need to rinse if your dishwasher is good enough?
Do you need to buy washed potatoes or are you lazy?
do you need to wash your potatoes if your peeling them?
Do you need to wash your lettuce if you grew it?
do you need to buy parsley if you've got an empty pot by your door?
Do you need to throw away the pasta water or could your lemon tree use it?
do you need to use a different knife and cutting board if you cut your vegetables before your meat?
Do you need to put your leftovers in a container or can the dish you cooked it in cool down and go straight in the fridge?


Make us earth friends.
More untold environment fun.
Must u ever flee.
Maybe unmade eclectic festivities.
May unbelievable events fray.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Leftovers can be boring, but they can also be inspiration. Don't let them sit in the fridge, too scared to eat them, or not interested in just reheating them.

Roast veggies from the sunday roast, go great on a pizza or in a frittata
Stir-fry vegies - add stock and make a soup
Curries or casseroles, wrapped up in a roti or pide bread
Pasta baked in a casserole dish with a generous layer of cheese
Baked or barbequed fish make great fish cakes
Risotto rolled into balls and shallow fried
It's endless...